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Welcome to House of Zion
Sep 23,2017

Holy Land, Palestine, World War I,
1948 Locals, Israel, Judaica

Closes SUNDAY, Mar 19, 2017, at 1pm EST

Over 260 Lots of Forerunners/WWI, Palestine, WWII, 1948, Israel, Holocaust, Judaica, Zionist Congress and Synagogues Postcards

All lots are guaranteed, and to the best of our knowledge, correctly described.

No fees for credit cards or paypal, no lotting or handling fees, just postage and commission (18%)

Bid by e-mail, , fax 1-801-340-2236,
phone 650-366-7589


Lots on View During

Arcadia, Ca
Saturday, March 4

Van Nuys, Ca
Sunday, March 5

New York City
March 17-19

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