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About House of Zion
About Us...  About Edward G. Rosen

The House of Zion was formed in 1967 when Ed Rosen, an avid Israel stamp collector, realized there were very few dealers specializing in Israel, Judaica and Holy Land stamps and covers. Originally setup to attend local shows in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ed realized quickly, there was a huge need for mail auctions and want lists. Their first auction was held in 1972, with just over 150 lots. Today, House of Zion, has probably the largest stock of Holy Land, Palestine, WWI, 1948 Interim/Locals, Doar Ivri, Israel, Judaica, Anti-semitic, and Synagogue Postcards in the world.

In the over 40 years in business, the House of Zion has auctioned off some of the largest philatelic holdings in the field.

The House of Zion has over 2,000 customers scattered across the world. Auctions are held twice a year, with a printed and fully illustrated catalogue and “Net Price Sales” once a year. Customers can bid by maill, fax, phone or electronically at

If you would like to be on the mailing list or have items to be auctioned off please contact:

PO Box 5502
Redwood City, Ca. 94063.
Phone 650-366-7589
fax 1-801-340-2236, or by e-mail

Edward G. Rosen

Ed Rosen was born in San Francisco, and by the age of eight was already collecting stamps, following in the foot-steps of his father, mother and sister. He became interested in the stamps of Israel, when studying for his Bar Mitzvah with Israeli college students doubling tutors.

In 1960 after college, he joined the San Francisco Examiner as an advertising sales rep with a major in advertising and marketing. The House of Zion was founded in 1967 as a part-time business, after he saw a tremendous need for a Holy Land/Israel philatelic specialist. Originally, he only attended stamp shows in the Bay Area, but by the early 70’s was holding ‘mail auctions’ and ‘net price sales’ and traveling back and forth to Israel on the constant hunt for new and exciting items.

In 1980 Ed made a big decision, to resign from the newspaper business and become a full-time stamp dealer.

Today, House of Zion is one of the biggest dealers in the Holy Land field, with Ed attending auctions all over the world in his constant quest for those “elusive” items. After over 35 years and with 60+ trips to Israel, Ed is still obsessed with the Israel/Holy Land stamp business and has “never looked back”.

In 2001, Ed went back to school in his never ending quest for education, and in 2004 graduated from San Francisco State University with a special degree in “Jewish Historical experience and the Holocaust”.

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